Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Birthday, 1, and the Incident

I did not come into work on Saturday. What a luxury to sleep in and hang out with Fox and Himself. We did very little all day, which was nice after being in work for so long. Himself brought Fox into the bedroom mid-morning and said his butt was a little sore and he was crying. He promptly fell asleep next to me and I let him, his tummy had been a little off. I enjoyed some old episodes of Mad TV.

And I started the happy pills with a renewed confidence that I was going to feel great and have energy and be, well, happy.

Sunday was Fox’s birthday. It was perfect. We went for a drive and spent a few hours at Good Hearted Friend’s house in the city, which was the only thing I wanted to do on my kid’s birthday. He had ice cream with her and there was no stress and I got to reminisce about being a little kid in the same kitchen eating ice cream.

Then we drove out to the development we have been watching go up for a few years now hoping to be able to build there. The credit score has not budged. But there is still hope, the lot premiums have gone down, dramatically. And we talked again for the umpteenth millionth time about what it would be like to have a different home, with a/c and a functional kitchen and nice bathrooms. And how we would be able to afford it. And there was hope.

Monday was another day at work. Then Himself emails to ask what day it was that we had early morning big people time before Fox woke up. And I said that I wasn’t sure.

And the next email had an ovulation calculator on it.

So now I am not taking the happy pill after three whopping doses and I am waiting for my hCG to go up, or not. And I am impatient. I have already used one pee stick as if my hormones could defy the laws of nature and produce a result, 4 days after, the incident.


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