Friday, August 04, 2006

Black Sheep

I have returned from the Doctor. Being that he is so aged I am convinced he invented medicine, I guess I should believe his sage advice. My general health is just spot on, so I must, in fact, be depressed. I walked out the proud owner of an Rx for PopularDrug. But I did have that moment of shame as he was writing the script. Certainly no one in my family is in need of any mood altering prescriptions?!? No, think not these blasphemous thoughts you dirty black sheep!

Then I felt more like myself. Ashamed, instead, that I didn’t take better care of myself in the first place. And realize there is not one damn thing wrong with feeling like shit and doing something about it.

So now I am going to go home at a decent hour, ok 3 pm instead of 6 pm, and have a beer on my porch with my kid and my husband and enjoy a Friday afternoon.

Fuck it.

After all, I will be here again tomorrow for more of the office doldrums.


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