Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Keys?

During another afternoon of sheer boredom I cruised around the internet hoping to pass some time. I go to the usual place's and read what everyone has to say. But since I had recently been thinking about my old days overseas I thought I would google another old friend. He's one of those friend's that's all over the net just because his name is related to his products, so I have never found anything intersting on him, just people selling his stuff or maybe a random quote in Impossible Language that I hardly try to understand.

But this time I actually found a decent link. And a picture of what looked like a younger version of his dad, or an older version of the young man I haven't seen in 10 years. There was no new information on him, just a business profile. But I dug up an email address and sent off a note to him. Poor thing must have thought the dead were risen hearing from me after all these years.

But isn't it funny how paths can diverge or dwindle off like so many unfinished thoughts? You know where something or someone is and if you tried, you could follow through and keep up. And maybe find your keys. Or you can just turn and walk away and never look back, and use the spare keys. I wonder where I would be now if I hadn't made some of my more regrettable decisions. But aren't the decisions we make the best one's for us at the time? And who can say? And what good does wondering about them now do? History as a lesson, I guess. I just hope I learned those lessons well.

My friends seem happy. I think I am just really sick of this job. I am trying to be happy I have it at all and I am not sleeping in the gutter. Gutter bad. Job good.


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