Thursday, August 03, 2006

Moving Along

So back to NewSnob, and her NewJob? It has gotten worse. I have had to sit here and watch her get the training for the job I have been working for since I got here. And it was handed to her. And it’s about all I can stand to stay in this cube and not walk to the nearest bridge and toss myself inelegantly off in silence onto the local freeway. Christ, I sound like a troll now. But I really did deserve this one, and I was in line for it, and now I am bitter. And now I have to watch as they move all of her stuff to a team lead desk. But at least I won't have to look at her anymore.

Onto something slightly less self-pitying.

As I surfed around the net the other day reading blogs and marveling at how I am actually Not alone in many of my frustrations, I remembered an old friend has just moved to France to teach for a year. So as I finished up a “Welcome to your new home” e-mail I was reminiscing about my days when we lived in France together. Bubbly Smart Friend is now married and has won the teaching position in France and some frenchie won her position over here at her Middle State High school. I am so happy for her, she really wanted this. I have inquired as to what the husband will be doing for a year in Europe, and I wait impatiently for the answer.
We studied in France together an ice age ago. I was a sophomore, in more ways than one, in college and a bunch of American’s were studying at this little excuse for a school. I can barely say I passed my classes, but I got credit for all of them. Bubbly Smart Friend was there from my university, but we weren’t friends until we spent the time abroad together. I thought she was too Bubbly and Smart back home to be my Friend. But we began to talk in France and still keep in touch, even if it is infrequently. I hope she had a safe trip.


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