Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Passing Time

Geez, it's been a week since I have posted anything, what a bad blogger indeed. How shall I make this up to you?

I know!!! I'm gonna pee on a stick!! Better yet, I'll pee in some tupperware and get out a pee stick and gingerly dip the stick in the tupperware and calmly count to 20 and patiently wait for a test result and wonder if the negative test is really negative, or just too soon. Then, when Himself grabs the (empty) tupperware out of the bathroom to trim his toenails into, just for laughs let's not tell him what it was used for a few hours ago. Ha !!!

So if the tests (I have only used 2, thankyouverymuch) are negative, what is the problem, you ask? Well, the World Wide Web of Lies and Misinformation, that's what !! I, even given an excellent education, am unable to glean exactly when these tests are effective. Oh sure, AFTER you have missed your period, blah blah blah...But I would like to know NOW please !! Before the weekend and refinishing my front porch.

How am I feeling? Thank you for inquiring after my delicate state. I have, in fact, been feeling very lightheaded and headachy for a few days now. Any nausea, you ask? Actually, yes, a bit. But my next *cycle* is not due until Friday, so I may waste more of our money tomorrow morning on a pee stick. What is the timing if the stick were to predict offspring? Oh, well, junior and the finished MBA will arrive on the same day. Let's Celebrate !!

How do I feel about the prospect of being with child and attempting to finish this degree before it/he/she arrives? Oh, bugger off!!! You ask too many questions !!


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