Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Moving Along..

So no more abusing of the pee-sticks. Not pregnant. And not really concerned about it. I spent a week off from work and watched TV and did a lot of nothing while Fox was at Daycare. While I felt slightly guilty for sending my little love to daycare while I sat at home in my own debauchery, I also reminded myself that I was bloody lucky to be able to send him somewhere he was happy and spend some time by myself. I slept. I ate. I drank some beer. I watched ungodly amounts of food network. I did not read the internets. I did spend one day quite sick and realized that I was not a spring chicken anymore and better try to regulate my diet a bit with more fresh vegetables.

I spent some time with HandsomeContractor and finished designing my new kitchen. This may seem like a bon-bon moment over a cup of tea deciding which exhorbitantly priced slab of cold rock will adorn my humble kitchen space. But no, alas, save the bon-bons for another dreamscape. We were, instead, huddled over a chain link of Formica color chips, on the floor, on the oriental rug I still have from college, that the dog has been peeing on all summer. In the humidity. Yummy!!! Ok, so she hasn't been utilizing the space for a while, but I still need to haul that rug outside and clean it. Anywhooo...

So the kitchen is picked out and I am pretty happy with it. I mean, Formica, but it will look better in the house than some gorgeous granite cause this house is not, well, gorgeous. The floor will be tile though, and it will all fall into the Budget, which is really all I want. The idea is to sell the house and one day maybe have a great kitchen that I love. Right now I will be happy with a kitchen that has all the drawer fronts still attached. And that I can get the mice to move out of. Yes, I treat my house like the run down joint that it is. Hopefully by Thanksgiving it will be all cleaned up.


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