Friday, September 29, 2006

Spilling the Bean

Ok, so this time I am pregnant. Yay! The joy of life! And reading that dumb stick that said "pregnant" - and 5 minutes later feeling fat and gross. But overall I am feeling pretty good so far and have not been ill, which is good.

The not good? Yeah, that would be that my manager, Abrasive, who we've met earlier, decided that she needed to have another go at me. Oh yeah, there was more crying and abusive language and she bloody near threatened to have me fired on the spot. So. Long story short, I am reporting her to the director of HR. And when I leave here, I am going to sue her :) Fun !!

Hazzardous Waste

The kitchen renovation has started. For almost four years now we have tried to make this old kitchen nice and liveable, and sometimes even just tolerable. We have glued and screwed drawer fronts on so many times, that when they came off the last time, we just threw them in the trash. So we designed a new kitchen with pretty cabinets and tile and a granite counter top. Then we went to the Warehouse Whores who were going to charge us a fortune to do the work, but refused to commit to a price, or even venture an estimate at the completed project until we were in so deep we had no choice but to sell of Fox to pay for the new digs. But No!! Instead we found our senses and hired a private contractor who is doing the whole deal at a reasonable price. Forget the nice cabinets, though. And the granite countertop? Ha!! That sort of thing is for people without vision. I have new cabinets that are certainly nice enough, and we have survived as a species on Formica for decades now, so I will keep the tradition alive!! Plus I did manage to get tile floors so that kinda makes up for everything else.

Anyway, so far it is going smoothly enough. The entire house is covered in dust no matter how often I hang the old sheet over the kitchen door. I am hoping to have one of those old fashioned parties when this is all over. Y'know? Where all the neighbors come over to help with something and the men do, men stuff, and the girls, bake or whatever? But my party will be the men in the basement watching foolsball and Fox, and the womenfolk armed with generic diaper wipes dusting and wiping every surface of the house. More Fun!!

And what with Bean on the way, how on earth am I to finish the MBA? Well, How about doing a double and then another double!! Piece of cake!! So I am all registered for that and hoping it all goes smoothly.


This all seems a bit dull to me though. I am bored and think that I have too much time nibbling on delicate bon bons on lazy afternoons. To resolve this, I think I will embark upon an intensive job search before any potential employers can tell I am pregnant. And then I will lose sleep over the ethical issues around deceiving said potential employers. Then I will go to ethics class!!


At 3:32 PM, Blogger Bitty said...

Hello, Ms. Henna,

It took me a while to remember where you were, but I scoured my saved info and found you.

This pregnancy is a good thing? Can't tell. Hmmm. Congratulations nevertheless. You obviously enjoy being a mother.

I'm working on my own kitchen right now, but my work is of the Gluing and Screwing type. Well, a little more advanced than that. I've purchased some unfinished cabinets from Lowe's just to fill in the places where cabinets were never installed but in my opinion should have and I'm going to try to install most of them myself.

You have no idea how funny that last sentence is.

About granite: I think it's the thing that in a few years people will look at and turn their noses up at, saying, " turn of the century." I suspect the same of stainless steel, but of course I could be wrong about that. However, I'm the one who's been methodically removing all the traces of harvest gold and avocado green from my built-in-the-70s house. So I know about dated.

At least that's what I hope about granite. I'm going for plain ol' laminate. It's all I can afford.

At another time I'll comment on that horrid manager of yours. Good luck with the job search.

Once upon a time women had to tell potential employers if they were using birth control and if they were planning a family, etc. Obviously the wrong answers to these questions would lead to not being hired. And of course women simply lied. Times have changed. (But on the other hand, do move quickly, because you're right -- one look at your tummy and they'll find some other legal reason not to hire you!)

At 10:39 AM, Blogger henna said...

I did a littl ejig then a sidestep and moved over here. Honestly, good hearted friend calls me Missy but the name isn't representative of who I am. I am not a really girly "Missy" type, she means it more like 'Little Miss' soo

Anyway, very happy about the Bean!!

And I still need to get some gorilla glue and fix the bloody rocker...Good luck installing the cabinets.

Harvest Gold and Avacado!! My dad's house, too funny. The harvest gold fridge is now the beer fridge in the basement.

On the job front, I am just hoping and keeping my head up and trying to keep the spirits up as well. So far so good. And Himself is waiting for an offer, so....


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