Thursday, October 12, 2006

It was the Best of Times...
Yet again I have managed to make myself misunderstood. Although I try very hard to be understood. I try to choose my words carefully and mind my inflection like a 14 month old loose in the house, which is exactly how my inflection acts on most occasions anyway.

Bean and his impending arrival is a good thing and much planned, so we are Very Happy Indeed. Except of course for me since I am very nervous and wondering if all is ok and geez aren't I big already. He is only 8 weeks right now so I am still waiting for the thumbs up from a doctor and week 12, which someone determined at some point was the 'safe zone'. I have told a few people though. Somehow this time around I feel more confident to handle anything that happens. But I am really already all round and it's weird. Not that I was dieting or being mindful of any exercise regimen for a few months before the planned start date of this little adventure. So I had some food and drink and basically slothed around gaining weight. Now that Bean is settling in it is starting to show. I am going to tell Good Hearted Friend on Saturday. She already asked twice in the past 6 months when I was feeling tired and once when I caught a bit of a stomach thing. Now I have to tell her and it's strange cause there's the whole 'I had sex' thing lurking behind such an announcement, which is strange for me and my family since we never mention it. Ever. She'll be excited though, she wants a girl to dress up :)


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