Friday, November 10, 2006

And now it's Done
So Bean did what he had to do. Himself and I came home last Thursday for lunch to check on the new doors and windows being installed in our house. And I started bleeding. And that was that. I had a D&C on Friday and recovered over the weekend. And I was thankful that I am well-educated about the hows and whys of miscarriage because at least there was the comfort in understanding what was happening and that it was for the best. But we are still deeply saddened and miss little Bean.

Now I need to go write a paper about whether healthcare is a Right or a Privlege in the US. And given my recent in-your-face heathcare odyssey over the past week, I think I have a bit to say.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It was the worst of times...
I went in for my 9 week ultrasound last Wednesday, a week already. I saw the new doctor in the practice. When I agreed to see her weeks ago I didn't think twice about it, it is a very good practice. However, I thought twice when I saw the 19 year old that was supposedly the "doctor". We went through all of the formalities like questions about drinking and drugs and last periods and such. The thing is, I had forgotten about the 'baby interview' part of your first visit. I think if I had remembered I would not have agreed to the 'new doctor' for this particular visit.

Anyway. After waiting for an hour, with Fox (who was home 'sick' from school with the pink eye) and Himself, we finally got to see the doctor. Keep in mind during the Hour of entertaining Fox and waiting, Himself finally got the job offer we had been waiting for. Yay!! Tears in the doc's waiting room!! Emotional henna!! But Fox was losing patience and Himself had actually left with him to take him home for his nap. But as he looked back there was henna!!! Alone in the waiting room!!! In tears!!! Not wanting to do the appointment alone!!! So Himself stayed and the nurses very nicely took Fox and fed him lunch from their little catered buffet (must be rough). We were finally being seen.

The rest is all is a bit of a blur. I waited forever for an ultrasound. And when the teenager finally did come in she took a very perfunctory look and said we needed to go for the special ultrasound cause she couldn't see anything. Guess what happened next?

DingDingDing!!!!! You are correct !! Tears !!! One of the nurses brought Fox back and Himself took him and they left because the baby was really ready for nap time by then. Himself gave me a "It's all fine" quick talk and suddenly I was alone. And I waited for someone to come back for me.

After a while and getting dressed, I went looking for someone. They told me to go back to the little room and wait. I got a form for bloodwork and an appointment, for the Next Day, for an ultrasound. And I was sent on my way.

And I didn't ask any intelligent questions.

And I didn't ask for a STAT on my bloodwork.

And I didn't try hard enough for an immediate ultrasound.

After I went back to work (?!?!?) and then later bailed for home, I came around a bit. I got my bloodwork done and called the office for a STAT designation. I called the hospital on the hour to try to get in for an ultrasound.

Long story short, or not so much, there is a baby and a heartbeat. But he only measures for 6 weeks. And I am pretty sure he is 9 weeks. And the bloodwork was unconclusive. Shocker.

So I am now waiting and trying to be positive and patient. (Uh, yeah, not).

As an aside, there were only 2 othe patients in the office the whole time. And the 19 year old? When I started crying with my ass in the breeze and basically losing it? Patted my leg patheticaly and said we need to wait and see what the ultrasound says. And then promptly disappeared for the duration of my time in the office.